Meet our Climate Data API

Help your customers make more sustainable choices!

Meet our Climate Data API

Help your customers make more sustainable choices!

Do you have a customer facing solution?

Our API – Ducky Data, can help your customers or members live a more environmentally friendly life. Make sustainability your competitive advantage!

Meet our Climate Data API

The most effective sustainability strategy is to
help your own customers become more sustainable!

It makes both
financial and environmental sense!

It strengthens the bond you have with your customers, and increases customer loyalty!

Our solutions

Ducky Data API

Convert consumption data

Calculate the climate footprint of customers or members based on data you already have, such as bank transactions or energy use.

Ducky Data API

Translate greenhouse gas emissions

Teach your customers about sustainability by making greenhouse gases more tangible, such as a driving distance equivalent.

Ducky Data API

Compare footprints

Help your customers or members understand their personal climate footprint and how this relates to others.

Want to join the growing list of climate innovators in your industry? View our customer case studies to get an idea of what you can do.

Ducky Data API

Sparebank SMN

SpareBank 1 SMN has created a solution where individuals can gain an overview and insight into their own climate footprint by translating bank transactions into climate footprints. The solution is called My Climate Trail and is now available in their digital bank app.

The solution makes consumers more aware by helping them understand what creates emissions, and how simple behavioral changes can create a reduction in climate footprints.

Learn more about Mitt Klimaspor

Ducky Data API


Fjordkraft wants to help its customers reduce their energy footprint by converting their electricity consumption to CO2 equivalents, all available to the customer via the Fjordkraft app. Ducky also delivers an Educate service, which delivers green hints and tips, and converts CO2e into something easier to understand.

The result helps customers switch to a more climate-friendly lifestyle by giving them guidance and eco options to choose from.

Learn more about Ditt Energifotavtrykk

Ducky Data API


Wattn is a proud partner in the Ducky ZEC Map and will work with business, the public sector and citizens to achieve their joint climate goals. Soon the company will launch a climate calculator, which will give consumers insight into their climate footprint. The calculator will also raise awareness about how you can reach a more climate-friendly consumption lifestyle with modest changes.

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What our clients say about us

Ducky Data API

We have to reduce our collective footprint together. People want to help, but dont know how. In your role as a bank, energy company or other business leader, you have a golden opportunity to point people towards a greener way of life.

Using our data and expertise, you can build innovative customer services linked to your core business.

The most important thing your business can do is inspire your customers and make it easier for them to live sustainably. It’s good for the planet and for your bottom line. The most important competitive advantage in the future will be to embed sustainability as a core value in your organization. Those who remember this rule will end up winners.

You know your customers and members best, so you’re in the best position to help them make the right choices. The result will be increased customer loyalty and a better world.

Ducky Insights delivers carbon footprint data based on world class climate and household data. Our advanced calculations are produced by leading climate specialists, in collaboration with academia and reputable scientific sources. And we constantly enhance our models to give you the credibility you need.

We offer several API endpoints as well as unrivalled expertise in climate communications. This will give you the tools to deliver a powerful green message as part of your core business.

Our development partners

Ducky collaborates with leading organisations to develop the world’s most advanced climate calculator. Our common goal is to create an effective tool in the climate fight to achieve the UN’s sustainability goals.

Ducky AS

“Profit for good” created to deal with climate change and the threat it poses to the environment.

Asplan Viak

A leading consulting firm for climate accounting at county and municipal level.

Specialist in data storage, security and analysis.


Developed with support from the Norwegian Research Council.

 Ducky Data

72% of today’s consumers want to be more environmentally friendly. Want to know how Ducky Data can help your customers do just that?