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Translate greenhouse gas emissions

Teach your customers about their climate impact by turning greenhouse gas into something more real, such as driving distances.


How does it work?

Greenhouse gases have a major impact on our planet, but are invisible and thus difficult to relate to. It is easier to understand your climate footprint or the effect of your climate measures if the figures are translated into something tangible and everyday.

Hvordan fungerer det?
  1. Choose what you want to translate greenhouse gases into. Currently we provide translations into car trips, flights, absorption from forests and power consumption from electric gadgets. We are constantly working to increase the selection.
  2. Send a greenhouse gas figure (kg CO2e) to the Ducky Translate endpoint you want to use.
  3. Receive back explanations (numbers and text) you can use as illustrations to inform your customers. For example, “… is equivalent to 100 km driven by car or a trip between Oslo and Trondheim”.

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Case study: Fjordkraft

As a leading Norwegian electricity supplier, Fjordkraft wants to make it easier for their customers to make climate-smart choices in everyday life. Which is why they have launched an Energy Footprint feature in their Fjordkraft customer app. This feature reveals how much greenhouse gas is emitted as a result of the customer’s electricity consumption, and shows the practical effects.

This is how the Energy Footprint feature works:

  1. Fjordkraft converts customer power consumption to an energy footprint number (CO2e) by multiplying the consumption by a factor from NVE. This number is then sent to one of Ducky’s Translate endpoints.
  2. Ducky converts the greenhouse gas figure into something more tangible and sends back numbers and text. For example, time spent using an electrical appliance or a distance driven by car.
  3. Fjordkraft illustrates the translations in its house style, and delivers them to the customer, along with general hints and tips to help them reduce their personal energy footprint.

Electricity customers typically don’t think about the footprint of the energy they use. But more and more customers, including those of Fjordkraft, are trying to live more planet friendly lives, and this means learning about the climate footprint they create day to day. By using less power we all know we can save both the environment and our wallet. It’s a win-win!

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Are you wondering how you can use Ducky Data to help your customers become more environmentally friendly, and at the same time gain a competitive advantage based on today’s consumer demands?